Moby Rich Pulls a Weezer in ‘Songs We Didn’t Write’ [PREMIERE]

Moby Rich's new double set of singles is something really unique. The aptly titled Songs We Didn't Write EP features two distinctly different covers of Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" and Lizzo's "Truth Hurts." It is safe to say they have got quite the range. 

Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger, the boys behind Moby Rich, relocated to Los Angeles from Indianapolis and Atlanta in 2015 after being invited to join a "folk boyband" project in Hollywood. But once that didn't work out, Joseph and Pledger decided to start something together. They found their own sound and released punchy pop singles like "Sabotage" and "Oil Spill."

Songs We Didn't Write is a bold effort on the band's behalf. Pulling a veritable Weezer, who covered the likes of Toto and TLC earlier this year with the release of the Teal Album, the pair have successfully put their own spin on both "Say It Ain't So" and "Truth Hurts." 

Moby Rich shared the story behind the project saying,

"During our shows, we usually get a moment to play a song that has inspired us. Weezer has influenced us greatly both as songwriters and as artists. It only felt natural to cover one of their songs. We also wanted to do something a bit more contemporary."

He continued,

"And we wanted to do something that we both loved. And there are so many songs we wish we wrote but the one that popped into our minds first was 'Truth Hurts' by Lizzo. We love what the song stands for and we totally agree with her statement. First time we saw her live it was incredible, she's an absolute master of the craft. She knows how to make you want to dance even if you didn't want to. We hope we make both these artists proud."

Moby Rich is joining Matt Maeson on his Ones To Watch - presented tour across America this fall. It's gonna be a good one so get your tickets now!