Mothica Announces Heavy Heart Records, Reimagines Standout Single “Heavy Heart”

Photo: Mallory Turner.

The past year has seen more than its fair share of ups and downs, but one thing that is undeniable is the rise of TikTok, which has in turn provided artists a newfound avenue to find and cultivate an audience without the need of traditional major label methods. Mothica is one such artist who owes her recent surge in popularity to the video-sharing platform, with her single "Vices" quickly going viral on the platform, racking up over 23 million streams on Spotify alone to date. With a breakout hit under her belt and an ever-growing following, the alternative pop artist makes another bold step forward.

Today marks the birth of Heavy Heart Records, Mothica's new imprint label in partnership with Rise Records and BMG. In addition to the announcement, the formerly independent artist has also released a new version of her single "Heavy Heart," which originally appeared as the title track of her sophomore EP. The newly imagined version of "Heavy Heart" takes the emotive single to anthemic new heights, bolstered by an array of alternative-leaning instrumentation and cathartic breakdowns.

Mothica spoke further on the initial reaction to blowing up on TikTok, sharing, "After I gained a following over quarantine through Tiktok, I had a lot of record labels hit me up. My dream record labels, too! I've been an independent artist for six years, doing everything from booking my own shows, emailing press outlets, editing videos, designing and shipping my merch, and setting up every session or interview. So naturally I felt very hesitant to let anyone in and wasn't sure if I'd do well following someone else's schedule and vision. I ended up releasing my first album Blue Hour on my own, and managed to land No. 1 on the Pop Itunes chart the day of its release! Just by asking my fans to help support. I realized how much ownership and autonomy mean to me, and that I'd rather build something that felt truly mine."

When deciding on which direction to take, a direction that would undeniably shape her life for years to come, Mothica considered not only her future but the unwritten futures of artists whose positions mirrored her own. "So, when I was finishing my second album, I had more conversations about starting my own imprint record label so that I can eventually sign other artists and make sure that I still have the creative freedom that I thrive on. When I met Sean and Lisa from Rise Records (a la BMG), they really understood my vision. So I'm excited for the future with Heavy Heart Records and how I can help other artists share their stories," she adds.

Watch the "Heavy Heart" video below: