mxmtoon Drops a DJ K.K. Remix of “fever dream” Because the World Is Good


Just last week saw the release of dawn, the acclaimed EP from singer-songwriter mxmtoon. A project we praised for its heartfelt lyricism and stunning dynamic range, dawn and its succinct body of work very much feels like it could capture the hearts and sound of a generation. Arguably, nowhere does this sentiment ring more true than in a DJ K.K. remix of the project's lead single, "fever dream."

“fever dream," a gentle reminder to not take a single second for granted and a song wrapped in childhood nostalgia, perfectly lends itself to the undeniable talents of infamous Animal Crossing traveling musician K.K. Slider. 

An artist who has experimented with quite possibly every genre under the sun, from heavy metal to bubblegum pop, K.K. Slider's interpretation of "fever dream" leaves us feeling "A little blue…" with an underlying dash of optimism. 

mxmtoon spoke further on what inspired the remix, exclusively sharing with us, ""i love the game and it's literally been a goal of mine ever since i started making music to somehow get one of my songs to have a kk slider version, and clay [kramer] made that a possibility! i'm a mega fan of the game, and it's a dream come true.”

The best part? You can listen to it without having to have a three star island, waiting for Saturday, or paying 3,200 bells. 

Listen to "fever dream (DJ KK remix)" below:  

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