Myles Cameron Warms Us Up With His Latest Single “Yellow”


While most college students are currently stressing about their next round of midterms, Yale senior Myles Cameron just released one of his most refined tracks yet. "Yellow" is the second single from the 21-year-old's newest project, Lonely Suburban Blackboy.

"Yellow" is beautifully mixed with the artist’s falsettos, alluring guitar picking and angelic lyricism. The ballad-like single transports listeners to a warm dream day with your crush that you never want to wake up from. Myles shared,

"'Yellow' to me is much like a dreamscape. It's sort of this utopic juxtaposition from the reality of the Lonely Suburban Blackboy character's life."

Myles hails from Westchester, New York, and through his music he narrates stories about growing up looking different from everyone else in his stereotypical American suburb. In his last single "Picket Fences" he sings, "I feel the most black against those picket fences." All of his tracks introspectively reflect the unjust social constructs which affected his upbringing, and it is a unique take of social commentary in music.  Myles disclosed,

"The project 'Lonely Suburban Blackboy' is a character portrait. It revolves around two major themes, warm summer aesthetics and the suburban blackness."

Listen to "Yellow" below: