Natalie Schlabs Wants You to “Go Outside” (Safely!) [Premiere]


Natalie Schlabs' new single "Go Outside" is the perfect indie soundtrack to a summer afternoon. The airy acoustic guitars and dreamy vocals give the song a magic quality, as if it were a spell to coax you (safely!) out of wherever you've been quarantining. The delicate harmonies and swaying effects feel like a fresh breeze blowing through a field of flowers. More than anything, this song showcases the simple beauty of everyday life.

Its message is universal. Schlabs says "I wrote ‘Go Outside’ as a reminder to put down my phone and pursue activities that fill me with a tangible sense of the world and my 'flesh and bone' neighbor outside my door. To be outside is to be surrounded by a world I can't control and beauty I did not have to create myself. I can let go of some of my control and simply be.“ This lesson is especially important in the wake of a pandemic: instead of wondering when things will go back to 'normal,' how can we take advantage of this slower, simpler time?

"Go Outside" is from Schlabs' forthcoming LP Don’t Look Too Close, set for release on October 16th. The songs will focus on the push-pull of close relationships, inspired by reflections during her pregnancy with her first child. Stepping away from her country roots in her first indie release, Schlabs takes an honest yet romantic approach to illustrating the tension between past and present.

Stream "Go Outside" below: