Nick Leng Paints a Picture of Haunting Beauty in "Lonely Shade of Blue" Video


Nick Leng's sincerity just cannot help but spill out from his music like ice pushing water over the cup's edge. The South African artist made the move to Los Angeles years ago to pursue music. His gentle tone and passionate energy for personal craftsmanship have made his music sound out amongst the masses. 

“Lonely Shade of Blue" was released earlier this fall and arrives ahead of Leng's debut EP, slated to drop in the new year. The track is nothing short of hauntingly beautiful. You can hear Leng's ever finger caress each ivory key, while compassion drips from every vowel that leaves his lips. "Lonely Shade of Blue" borders the realm of mystic sad indie music, but it's simply too elegant to be such. 

The accompanying "Lonely Shade of Blue" visual drops today, and it's as soft on the eyes as it is gentle on the ears. Leng splits his time between wandering the scenic coastal countryside and playing his own song in a very special record shop. The visual actually has a really great backstory. Director Drey Singer is a close collaborator of acclaimed filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, who was kind enough to give Singer the surplus 35mm film from Phantom Thread for this project. 

Under a warm filter's glaze, the beanie clad Lang pours over the grand piano stuffed between classic records. Dressed in all black, matching the instrument, there's quite a contrast between Leng and his surroundings, perhaps a greater ode to the highlighted isolation he sings of. "Lonely Shade of Blue" was shot in Record Collector, the very first record store in Los Angeles. The tight space Leng plays in lends another dimension of uniqueness and sentimentality to the song. 

Watch the video for "Lonely Shade of Blue" below: