Noah Jack Paves His Own Path on “ANGST”


Photo by Aamir Khuller

This past year in music is best defined by a blurring of genres and time periods. The growing popularity of the hyperpop community is at the forefront of this movement for its disregard of categorization and a rebellious, DIY aesthetic. Artists such as brakence and glaive merge punk, pop, electronic, alternative rock, and hip-hop into one cohesive sound.

The newest artist to pave his own path is the Pennsylvania native, Noah Jack. Similar to other artists in this community, Noah Jack incorporates a wide variety of genres and styles, but his approach is unlike any of his contemporaries. Noah Jack embodies the attitude and vocal performance of 90′s alternative bands such as blink-182, but he contextualizes these sounds for a modern landscape. 

His recent single "FACELIFT" is the perfect introduction to the artist with an infectious guitar and memorable hook. Noah Jack is back with another single titled "ANGST" that further solidifies him as a pioneer within this new community of creatives. The song has the energy of an alternative punk anthem, but the electronic elements give it new perspective. "ANGST" is also accompanied by a music video that pulls you into Noah Jack's visual world.

Noah Jack is 3 for 3 with releases so far and there's no sign he's slowing down anytime soon. Get familiar with the newcomer and be on the look out for more new music soon.

Listen to "ANGST" by Noah Jack and watch the music video below: