Olivia Lunny's "Bedsheets" Video Proves There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel [Premiere]

Soft, sweet and elegant are the perfect three words to best describe Olivia Lunny's vocal performance on her hit single "Bedsheets." As the winner of the Young Canadian Songwriter Award, she proves her songwriting ability on this heart wrenching song. Released in May of 2020 during the first height of the pandemic, the song highlighted thouIt couldn’t have come at a more relatable time. Now, we're excited to premiere the official music video to "Bedsheets."

The video shows Lunny letting go of heartbreak and devastation following a breakup. Dealing with the hardest part of any break, the feeling of missing something physically but still having every single memory of your love that once was fresh in your mind. Replaying your time together over and over in your mind, like it was just yesterday when you were laying in your bed giggling about absolutely anything together. The filming of this music video was part of her process of moving on and feeling like life is headed in a better way. Lunny explains,

“Bedsheets is a song that is very close to my heart. Filming this video was very cathartic as it portrays me simply being myself. It’s easy sometimes to hide behind a character, or full face of makeup, but Bedsheets strips that all away. I’m so grateful to Louis Browne (Director) for helping bring this song to life in a visual form!”

The music video is brightly lit and flows with ease. It shows a brighter and more positive outlook on moving on. The colors resemble hope, independence, and strength. Olivia Lunny is proving to everybody out there that you can absolutely be okay after a breakup, and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how awful the feeling may be. Your mind will wander. Your thoughts will spiral in your head. Lunny shows that you can get control of all the lost feelings you have, and before you know it, you'll be on a better path in life. Olivia Lunny is quickly proving herself to be an incredible role model to anyone feeling like they're feeling out of sorts. She's reaching out to each and every listener and letting them know that they aren't alone, and that the grass is always greener on the other side.