Oranj Goodman’s “Purple Glitter” Sparks Acceptance [Premiere]


Photo: Tim Slusarczyk

Pacific Northwest native Oranj Goodman has so much to say, and he's ready to say it. Emerging onto the scene with a beautifully intense track titled, "Purple Glitter," Goodman ushers in a new sense of sentimentality in R&B and Alt hip hop. 

"Purple Glitter" tackles a topic quite close to Goodman. His upbringing was unique, yet extremely relatable and he uses this song to come to terms with it. Between the polyrhythms and warm hues, he croons about his Indigenous roots, culture, and all of the inherited legacy of both power and trauma. He shared this with us, "Being from Washington state, I was surrounded by Indigenous culture. I felt a responsibility to acknowledge the colonialism that Washington was founded on, but also embrace the Indigenous culture so prevalent in the Northwest, which has taught me many things about spirituality. 

Woven within the song's pulsating beats and syrupy flair, Goodman discusses finding himself and reckoning with his sexuality. He told us he was surrounded by religion and it, "forced me to feel like someone I wasn't." This song explores how Goodman's Christian upbringing made him feel and interpret his own queerness and choosing to express it. He continued, 

"It was a different kind of spirituality that led me to be comfortable with myself.In Native American tradition, you pay homage to the creator, the being that created you, and it’s non-gender specific. This is what swayed me to my personal beliefs, that my creator is somebody who appreciates me for who I am, and I can show gratitude to them for letting me be a part of this world."

Watch the kaleidoscopic video for "Purple Glitter" below: