Patrick Martin Saves Romance While Debuting His Captivating Visual for “Cinema Love” [PREMIERE]


With an affinity for antiquity and a love story meant for the big screen, Wisconsinite, songwriter, & self-proclaimed romanticist, Patrick Martin makes his spellbinding debut– all while posing the question "Do you believe in cinema love?"  

"Cinema Love" is meant to evoke strong feelings – whether that be reveling in love found or reminiscing on loves past, Martin creates a beautiful space to lose oneself in. Holding true to his lyrics, Martin's visual companion for his debut single is truly cinematic. Shot in a secret location, rich with a wide variety of aesthetic scenery, Martin chose the place and objects included in the video with the intention of inducing a type of nostalgic wonder. Each shot is a worthy still, with keen attention spent on capturing the most stunning qualities of each setting. From opulent design to lush greenery, each shot possess a distinct character and brings forth a unique feeling.  

As Martin's musings build, the video matches his passion, culminating in a series of home video footage displayed on an antique projector. The woman featured seems to be the subject of the piece, but we can't know for sure if she is in fact real or just a figment of Martin's love struck imagination. This ambiguity brings us back to the original question raised. By the conclusion of the video– it is clear where Martin stands on the concept of "Cinema Love." 


Martin further divulged on his overarching concept and inspiration for the video.

"Although I can't disclose the location of the 'Cinema Love' music video, I will say that I've wanted to shoot at that location for quite some time.  My entire life I've been drawn to old things that have character and a story behind them. That location, that car, those clothes, that projector, etc. all have lived far longer than I have. When people see these things, I want it to trigger their imagination to create their own stories that these items may have lived, and weave those images into the overall feeling of the song. As far as the actual love story goes, our goal was to create a sense of uncertainty around the girl seen in the projector footage. I wanted viewers to wonder if she was real or just someone I was imagining. This imagery is meant to make listeners decide what side of the fence they're on, do they believe in cinema love or not? As you see in the conclusion the two people come together, confirming my true belief in cinema love."

Don't just take our word for it, indulge in an exclusive preview of the video below and be on the lookout for Patrick Martin's debut album, due later this year.