Peach Tree Rascals Get Psychedelic on Latest Single “OOZ”

Peach Tree Rascals are the epitome of versatility. With their ever-evolving sound, each of their releases is a sweet surprise. Their first single of 2021, "OOZ," marks the start to what will no doubt be another year of great music from the band.

From its infectious baseline to its harmoniously layered vocals, "OOZ" is flooded with funk and rock influences. In keeping with the band's sunny disposition, the track is a light-hearted proclamation of commitment. The slightly droned delivery of the vocals gives off a sense of ease, like everything is just flowing naturally. It mirrors the ease of falling into a new relationship with someone, when everything is fun and new and exciting.

The video for "OOZ" is a nostalgia trip, drawing references from animated series the Magic School Bus, while incorporating a psychedelic twist. The playfulness of Peach Tree Rascal's sound is matched with this perfectly crafted visual counterpart. Check out the video for "OOZ" below.