Peach Tree Rascals and the Intoxicating Escapism of ‘not ok’

Photo: Jorge Olazaba

These rascals never cease to amaze us. With another standout single, entitled "not ok," Peach Tree Rascals further prove their versatility in the music industry. This collective is quickly carving their own path with a unique sound all their own.  

Blending a mix of indie pop and 808's, "not ok" establishes an addictive genreless tone. We're gifted with a strong message behind the lyrics. The group touches on internal conflict, escapism, and getting out of your own head. Peach Tree Rascals spoke further on the track, sharing,

"'not ok' is a song we wrote from the perspective of wanting to escape from a moment because you're feeling too bad to actually be in the present. The song is almost trippy. It's like being in another dimension. Sometimes when things are rough and I need to escape my thoughts, I do anything I can to get to that other place in my mind, no matter how strange it is, to escape my own mind.“

This song comes at a time where we can all really relate to the message behind it. "not ok" is a song perfectly fit for blasting in your room while you lie staring at the ceiling contemplating life. Something most of us have been caught doing once or a hundred times during quarantine. 

The deep bass creates a vibration that travels down your spine, generating a feeling of paralyzation and leaving you locked in deep thoughts. The acoustic guitar adds a calming element, complimenting the soothing vocals. The beat keeps you in rhythm to the point where you don't even realize the song is on it's fourth repeat.

Peach Tree Rascals have created a sound that embodies the feeling of losing yourself in a daydream. With yet another successful release, the rascals are soon on their way to becoming a household name.

Listen to "not ok" below:

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