Pell Indulges in “Too Much Of A Good Thing” + Announces Final Album of Trilogy


So often in life, passion and un-inhibited indulgence go hand in hand. Whether you see this as a good or bad thing, there's no denying that many of the experiences which affect us most profoundly are those that consume us completely, body and soul. Hence, the most lovely feelings are the easiest to overdose on, leaving every type of addict with a personal understanding of the concept "Too Much Of A Good Thing."

New Orleans rapper, songwriter, and producer Pell also understands this phenomenon and has gone further to elaborate on his experiences in the second single of his forthcoming album. Beginning right at the chorus, Pell muses "Bottles and ashes on your apartment floor/We might be too loaded/I see the pattern of love in the bed sprangs/You too much of a good thing.“ As he continues, we see that many factors are at play in this scenario. Passion, lust, and addiction intertwine, leaving Pell hurdling through a cycle of loss of control. By the conclusion, we find ourselves right where we started, with that same cognizance which is the namesake of the single. It was simply "too much of a good thing."     


Sonically, "Too Much Of A Good Thing" is not only rooted in Pell's unique flow but infectious melodic phrases. Featuring his singing voice in each chorus and blending into a musical rap in the verses, as he shifts we see a distinct change in vocal tone; from honeyed to gruff such a dichotomy keeps the listener's ear keen and wanting more. Production-wise, producer and co-writer Martin Wave incorporates real and synthetic instrumentation, starting with an electric guitar part and shifting into an intricate beat, Wave plays heavily with syncopation and multiple rhythmic lines that intertwine and complement one another perfectly.  

You can peep "Too Much Of A Good Thing" below and be sure keep both eyes peeled for Pell's highly anticipated and final installment to his trilogy, Gravity, due June 21.