Rainsford Reveals Her “Passionate” Self with Minimalistic-Pop Melodies [PREMIERE]


Born as Rainey Qualley, Rainsford is quite possibly the only talented singer-songwriter whose intriguing music has been described as "weirdo-pop." Although she devoted a majority of her young adulthood to the lucrative acting business, Qualley is now pursuing music under the moniker Rainsford, and her newest offering is a truly "Passionate" cry of her rawest emotions.

In just the intro of "Passionate," we're instantly captivated by Rainsford's delicate vocals as subtle synthesizers are sprinkled in the background. Reflecting on unattainable love, Rainsford describes the thwarting feeling of being unable to express how you really feel about someone. Rainsford allows herself to be vulnerable in "Passionate," as she recounts emotional moments from her past above the chiming instrumentals. Whether it be the trembling moment of silence before the enthralling chorus or Rainsford's effervescent vocals, there's something about "Passionate" that has us convinced this unique singer-songwriter is worth keeping our eyes on.

On "Passionate," Rainsford exclusively shared with us:

"'Passionate' is a song about feeling so much for someone but being unable to act on what you both want so badly. In the lyrics, I'm describing a few intimate moments that were incredibly impactful for me. 'Looking at you through the aquarium… I'm wanting more' … 'Cutting your hair, I kept a piece of it.' Simple things that meant so much to me because that's all there could be."

Ones To Watch has your first listen of "Passionate" below: