Raveena’s “Petal” Video Sees an R&B Artist Amidst a Superbloom


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Flowers are whimsy in nature and soft to the touch. When they bloom in springtime, it is a reminder of all of the freshness and beauty that surrounds us each day. But we all too often don't find the time to stop and smell the flowers, a chronic affliction of being too busy. Thank goodness we have Raveena and her idyllic song "Petal" to listen to as we walk by those flowers in bloom that at-times go unnoticed. It's a very close second. 

The magical R&B artist just released a visual accompaniment to "Petal," which served as the closing track on the artist's 2019 album, Lucid. In characteristic Raveena fashion, the visual is simple yet captivating, a potential ode to Sandro Botticelli's Venus.

In the video, we see Raveena adorned in a bright '70s-colored swirly pattern. She lays peacefully in a garden, her hair sprawled around her. The hypnotic video matches the song perfectly. The way the camera spins makes it all too easy to find yourself getting lost in her ethereal voice. As Raveena looks dreamily to a point beyond the camera, surrounded by plant life in full bloom, you cannot help but fully fall into the magic of the song. Raveena is nothing short of euphoric. 

Watch the video for "Petal" below: