R&B Stunner Mereba Predicts a “Sandstorm” of Passionate Love in Today’s Forecast


Photo Credit: Durimel

With her incredibly luscious vocals, Mereba continues to amaze us with the soulful "Sandstorm" as she prepares for the Feb. 27 release of her highly-anticipated album, The Jungle Is the Only Way Out

Born as Marian Mereba, the R&B singer-songwriter discovered her undeniable passion for music around the time she moved to a new high school. Filled with teenage angst and loneliness, Mereba learned how to play various instruments as her coping mechanism for her lack of friends. Having spent several years living on the east coast, Mereba eventually moved out to Los Angeles to pursue her bright career as one of today's most authentic rising R&B artists.

Produced by Jared Gargarin, Mereba, Ron Gilmore, and Sam Hoffman, "Sandstorm" affirms Mereba's impenetrable ability to glisten with every delicate note in this piano-driven ballad. Hinting at a frustrating, masked love, "Sandstorm" features a gentler side to rapper J.I.D as he lends his sweet vocals alongside Mereba's pleasant harmonies. The elegant piano melodies and irresistible electronics in this sincere tune are just a tiny glimpse of what to expect from Mereba's enticing new album, The Jungle Is the Only Way Out, which will see its release on Feb. 27.

On J.I.D's performance in "Sandstorm," Mereba praised,

"Again with the alchemy. Gold comes every time we put our heads together, bruva J.I.D."

Experience Mereba's "Sandstorm" of passionate love below: