Remi Wolf Has Us Panting for More With Her Bold ‘You’re A Dog!’ Debut


Los Angeles based Remi Wolf isn't your typical baddie. She's very much a bold protagonist straight out of a box-office breaking movie that we've yet to see. Wolf preciously fuses together elements of electronic and acoustic soundscapes to generate an abstract sound that we've never heard before. To support her highly-anticipated EP, You're A Dog!, Wolf is joining fellow Ones To Watch artist, Still Woozy, on tour this fall.

Written and co-produced by Wolf, You're A Dog! is an undeniable masterpiece that finally reveals Wolf's artistic talent to the entire world. The opening track, "Sauce" throws us into a frenzy of crushing synths and stirring electronics. On the other hand, "Rufufus" is solely funk all the way through and we just can't get enough. In "Doctor," Wolf refuses to be someone's backup plan as she recognizes her self worth amidst her soaring vocals.


On You're A Dog!, Remi Wolf reflected,

"'You're A Dog!' was made in a bunch of bedrooms across California. Sometimes I was stoned AF, sometimes I was on shrooms, sometimes drunk, sometimes sober, sometimes naked, sometimes fully clothed, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing, and most times angry lol. But no matter my state, I was always a dog. So that's like… cute. And so was everyone else… so, as you could imagine, the constant barking drove me crazy!!!!"

A slow-paced, but super groovy tune, "Guy" features bouncy electronics paired with Wolf's youthful vocals that leave us absolutely stunned. The whimsical "Thicc" has Wolf appreciating someone for their otherworldly love that basically basks her away to another dimension. And finally, You're A Dog! closes with "Shawty," which showcases Wolf's layered vocals and hip hop beats that are too good to pass up.


Wolf continued,

"It was hard to record sometimes because it was just so loud! Likeeeeeee shut up, guys lol! Like always tho, chile rellenos and gushers pulled me thru sooo thank you bb mamacitas! SILLY SILLY SILLY this shit is DUMB silly heheheheh I love these songs. Idk how to talk about making the music… I just made it and it was done. Kinda like when you take a shit. So, these songs are my cute little shits and y'all are my lawn!"

Be Remi Wolf's lawn by listening to You're A Dog! below:

Catch Remi Wolf on tour with fellow Ones To Watch artist, Still Woozy!