Reminisce on High School Relationships with Isaac Dunbar’s “mime” [PREMIERE]


At only 15 years old, Isaac Dunbar is a fresh bedroom indie-pop genius who tackles relatable issues centered around the confusing teenage experience. An innovative artist who credits the internet as a major tool for his current success and exposure, Dunbar explores self consciousness, high school drama, and other social pressures in his reflective songwriting. Dunbar has been gaining significant traction on SoundCloud, and it's quite clear that he'll soon be playing on the airwaves of indie playlists everywhere because of his inviting personality.

Dunbar is following up his adored 2018 singles, "freshman year" and "blonde," with an entrancing ode to youthful love called "mime." Infused with lo-fi synths and laid back beats, "mime" acknowledges the unavoidable shackles of love and being at someone's beck and call like a lifeless puppet to be controlled any which way. As a teenager himself, Dunbar fully understands the complexities of high school relationships, and he narrates an appropriately dangerous love story in "mime."

Dunbar exclusively shared with Ones To Watch:

"The song 'mime' is about a girl who finally realizes she is in a toxic relationship after a long time of being submissive. She talks to a friend and finally realizes: 'This is wrong, the relationship I'm in is wrong. The people around me could clearly see it, but now I can finally see it.' The lyrics in the verse are all sarcastic and dark, somewhat to tease the tormentor. Finally at the bridge of the song, she cuts loose from this ensnaring relationship cycle that kept going on and on and on, so the song actually ends with a happy ending."

Ones To Watch has your first listen of Isaac Dunbar's "mime" lullaby below: