remy Takes Us Back to Our Emo Roots


Inside remy’s music is a dark but hopeful message. Inside its twists and turns is a journey of heartbreak, struggle, and rebuilding–a time of our lives we all dread but inevitably go through at one point or another. As the vocals rise, his voice blankets listeners in an emotional trance to the point where you cannot help but empathize with his feelings of unworthiness. As tears swell, Remy simply reassures you that you are not alone.

The New York native is able to bring listeners back to a difficult and nostalgic time in our lives (i.e our teenage years). Blending his emo vocals with a touch of East Coast hip-hop production, remy creates the ultimate soundscape, which is bound to tie a knot in your chest. With only three songs to his name to date, remy has accumulated a strong and loyal following of dedicated listeners. This alone proves that remy has what it takes to generate a cult following and ignite what looks to be the beginning of a promising career.


During the summer of 2019, remy released two singles, both of which had me reaching for the tissue box. In his first single “useless,” Remy croon, “Usually I’m on the other side / I’m the one to always say goodbye / Now I only wanna change your mind.” Through these lines he takes us through the story of his first heartbreak, painting a picture of a loved one he simply could not convince to stay by his side, and, in doing so, brings listeners back to a time when we felt the devastation of losing that first love.

In remy’s second single “la boyfriends,” he raises the question many do when they first move out to California, “What’s up with all these girls with LA boyfriends?,” leaving us with the sense of heartbreak and the continuous struggle to find love. remy highlights the variety and range within his vocals. Taking us from his soothing falsetto to his East Coast flow, remy is proving how versatile he really is.

But it isn’t just the song that will pull you in; the visuals that come along with it serve as a nigh-perfect accompaniment. In remy’s official video for “la boyfriends,” he showcases a beautiful sunset behind the New York skyline and gives us a sense of his easily relatable aesthetic.

But, on September 20, Remy released his best single yet. “checklist / the One about watching Friends” begins with a bassline that brought me back to my Blink-182 obsession days. Unsure what our futures may hold with heartbreak and devastation, one thing is for sure… remy’s music will be there to help heal us in our most vulnerable of times.