Renao Makes a Momentous Introduction With His Debut Single "Nobody"


Renao's music is in no way confined to the London bedroom in which he makes it. The 22-year-old multi-hyphenate moved continents to study music and first started off as an EDM producer before eventually laying vocals over his own instrumentals. He quickly gained support by teasing snippets of his debut track "Nobody" before its official release. Each teaser video Renao posts shares the same simple backdrop - a nondescript bedroom wall filled with posters. Although the setting isn't out of the ordinary, Renao's music speaks for itself.

When “Nobody” finally dropped back in early December, it seemingly took the internet by storm, racking up an impressive amount of support across all platforms and it’s no mystery as to why. What immediately grabs you when you listen to “Nobody” is Renao’s incredible vocal performance and clear talent for writing catchy hooks. His voice is both emotive and powerful, especially give how early he is in his career. Only one song in and Renao has already set himself apart as an exceptional talent.

Renao describes his music as "Frank Ocean meets Harry Styles" or "Tyler, the Creator meets John Mayer," but however you choose to characterize it, it’s clear that his music is an amalgamation of his influences while still finding the space to forge his own lane. Renao has no ceilings.

Listen to "Nobody" below: