ROLE MODEL Dreams Up an Irresistible Femme Fatale on “death wish”

Photo: Vince

ROLE MODEL, née Tucker Pillsbury, has never been an artist to shy away from experimentation, but his latest series of releases hint at a newfound musical confidence, one defined by genre-spanning risk-taking and thematic left-turns. It is a sonic shift that contrasts much of his previous euphoric indie pop endeavors without sacrificing the infectious and personal appeal of his songwriting wit. And if his latest single, "death wish," is any indication, this is just the beginning.

"death wish" is built around the simple yet aching question of "Who is she?" Juxtaposing an ominous, minimalistic dark pop soundscape with a driving hip-hop detour, ROLE MODEL explores the tried-and-true notion of the dangerous yet irresistible femme fatale. While previous singles saw Pillsbury flirt with themes of sexual intimacy, never before has the idea been so front-and-center, radiating from each and every one of the artist's sensual lines. It's an intoxicating fervor that is night impossible not to lose yourself in.

Yet, while the imagined femme fatale at the heart of "death wish" may seem like the image of pure perfection, there is a lingering sense of danger lurking just around the corner. "The entire song came from the chords. It immediately felt super sinister and evil, but sexual at the same time. I wanted to create this intimidating, powerful, female character to represent that desire we have for things we know aren't good for us," shares ROLE MODEL.

The new single arrives alongside an accompanying music video, directed by William DeSena, that sees Pillsbury's better judgment battling his insatiable curiosity. Shot in an eerie Victorian estate, the video brings ROLE MODEL's dark pop vision to life in hauntingly beautiful detail.

Watch the "death wish" video below and catch ROLE MODEL on tour this fall: