ROLE MODEL Explores Intoxicating and Undaunted Love in “forever&more”


ROLE MODEL's "forever&more" explores the intoxicating and undaunted colors of undisciplined love. The 24-year-old artist's eccentric, distinctive style rides the lanes between pop and alternative, bringing forth a brutal authenticity to his songwriting. Approaching his charming and provocative music with open, detailed, and honest descriptions of his life experiences, ROLE MODEL has embraced his growing fan base.

ROLE MODEL, born Tucker Pillsbury, is recognized for incorporating darker, sincere themes like mental health and depression, smoking, sex, and heartbreak into his infectious music. Released via Interscope Records, his most recent single, "forever&more," contradicts his typical perspective and approaches life and love with a hopelessly optimistic view. 

The track's innocent and affectionate chorus contrasts the bad boy twist present in the verses. ROLE MODEL paints a picture of juvenile love, describing a honeymoon type of infatuation and sexual exploration. His second verse includes, "She move like Madonna, do what she wanna / I put her on her back and I tell her she’s mine (Mine) / Wrote her name all over my spine / She don’t pay rent, but she stay in my mind (Hey)." He goes on to recount his youthful and enthusiastic whirlwind in the chorus, "Ooh, I've never felt like this before / Can't pick myself up off the floor / That's something new, I'm stuck with you / Forever, ever / Forever, ever / Forever, ever, and more."

In "forever&more," ROLE MODEL's expected melancholy is traded in for exhilarated melodrama. The result is one of our favorite songs of the summer.

Listen to "forever&more" below: