Ruel and Cosmo’s Midnight Make for a Perfect Match in “Down for You”


Photo: Jordan Munns

The phrase match made in heaven is thrown around far too often, but trust us when we say that Ruel and Cosmo's Midnight are indeed a match made in heaven. "Down for You" sees two of our favorite Aussie artists join forces for a luscious track that combines a soft-spoken R&B sentimentality with forward-thinking pop production.

"Down for You" has been a year in the making, with Ruel first igniting the sparks during a spontaneous special guest appearance at Cosmo's Midnight Groovin the Moo festival set, and it was well worth the wait. After all, the joint outing makes all too much sense.

Easily one of Sydney's best production duos, Cosmo's Midnight creates a sonic playground accentuated by their trademark style and delicate flourishes of sights and sounds. It is the perfect foundation for Ruel to deliver a transfixing ode to finding yourself wrapped in the throes of love, willing and wanting to do anything for your significant other. Ruel spoke further on the heavenly collaboration, sharing,  

"Was so much fun writing this one with the boys. The song kinda wrote itself in the session we had. We all felt like we really related to the story we wrote. So happy to finally have a song out with Cosmo and Pat, love u guys."

Cosmo's Midnight spoke further on the mutual appreciation, adding,

“We met Ruel a few years ago at Groovin The Moo. He joined us on stage for an impromptu on-stage collab. We immediately knew we had to write a song together. The stars didn't align until a year later, but we made up for lost time and wrote 'Down for You.' In the studio we were basically talking about how you do things you don't want to for people you like ala Bobby Caldwell 'What You Won't Do' - and it all flowed from there. We had the song basically done that day, but had to back n forth a bit to finesse the details. Ruel's a great guy and has taste in music that would make 17 yo Cosmo's Midnight a bit envious."

"Down for You" moves with all the easygoing swagger and sentimentality of the best of R&B numbers. It is instantly infectious, showcasing the innate star power of Ruel and the meticulous production prowess of Cosmo's Midnight. Here is to this match made in heaven, and here is to hoping this isn't the last time we see these two on the same track.  

Listen to "Down for You" below: