Russ Reiss’ Latest Alternative-Fueled Single Is “everything”


Genreless, young, lively, and fun, Russ Reiss' "everything (i need you to know)" just so happens to be everything you need to be listening to right now. The track exists at an infectious crossroads between pop punk and alternative rock and is a testament to the up-and-coming artist's ability to explore the scene in such a successful way.

Reiss is a self-taught musician. He grew up in Park City, Utah, with a wide variety of musical influences, from Cheap Trick to Billy Joel. Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA, Russ has come to appreciate the lyricism of Billie Joe Armstrong and the cadences of blackbear and Quinn XCII.

Listening to "everything (i need you to know)," you've got to whip out your air electric guitar. It’s hard not to be enchanted by its playfulness and carefree air. The song sounds like it's supported by an entire band, even if it was just Russ who laid down the instrumental entirely himself. Consider this another solid addition to the growing pop-punk comeback. 

Listen to "everything (i need you to know)" below: