Saiah Builds Momentum With The Punk Anthem “HEART(BREAK)”


Arizona based artist Saiah is progressing modern emo, punk, and indie music while maintaining his own unique sound. Saiah's bright and colorful aesthetic is contrasted perfectly with his melancholic lyrics that often reflect broken relationships, lost loves, and dealing with his own depression. Saiah's last several singles have set him apart and helped him create his own lane. His newest release, "HEART(BREAK)," is no exception.

Earlier in 2020, Saiah began demanding attention with singles "November" and "Polaroid." Both singles showed different sides to the artist as he wrote about self-discovery and relationships, but from emotionally different perspectives. "November" is somber and more self-critical. "Polaroid" is energetic and infectious with the memorable shouted chorus "I fall in love way too much" replaying in your head long after first listen. The track also features a guest verse from emo pop artist Guardin and a colorful accompanying music video shot by Overcast.

Saiah's "HEART(BREAK)" sounds more punk rock than his previous singles, but still dissects Saiah's relationship through its songwriting. The strongest characteristic of the track is Saiah's vocal performance. The passion, energy, and cadence of his voice make the chorus of the track one of my personal favorites from the artist.

Saiah is continually gaining momentum through 2020 with each single offering a different sound that showcases his versatility. Saiah is another clear example why the state of Arizona is a hot spot for new talent and interesting sounds. "HEART(BREAK)" helps build anticipation for Saiah's next release, which is likely to be full of new ideas and catchy records.