Sally Boy Continues His Impeccable Debut Run With “Sippy Cup”

With his third release, "Sippy Cup," Erez Potok-Holme, professionally known as Sally Boy, is carving out his own niche within the bedroom pop genre. His versatility as an artist is clear, with each of his singles existing in a sonic universe of their own. With his level of talent and artistry, it'd be easy for Sally Boy to take himself too seriously, but "Sippy Cup" gives a glimpse into the more playful side of the artist.

"Sippy Cup" is an unconventional love song. It's Sally Boy's personal take on puppy love, when that excitement towards the person you're seeing takes control of all your thoughts and you feel like you're floating through life with your head in the clouds. The track itself has all the makings of a great pop song and is begging to be put on repeat with a catchy hook and infectious drum pattern. His slightly mumbled vocal delivery and playful lyricism align perfectly with the infectious positivity of the track.