Salt Ashes’ “Love Love” Video Blurs the Line Between Love and Obsession [Premiere]

It takes true merit to punch through the alt-pop genre, a very crowded space where artistry is very often immediately compromised into streaming and TikTok tropes, so the effort of Salt Ashes aka Veiga Sanchez on "Love Love" is felt that much more. 

Salte describes the excellent video accompaniment to her latest single as such, "This is a song for all the commitment-phobic people out there. I wrote it when I started dating an old friend… I couldn't get my head clear on what I wanted, which is unusual for me, or the worry of it ruining our friendship if it didn't work out. Normally I'd do a runner at the first sight of a relationship getting even slightly serious but this had me questioning whether to try staying for once and giving it a go." 

Visually, the video nails that compromised feeling with an obsessive love interest, bondage gear, and an intrusive sense of helplessness. Full trigger warning for those who value personal space. There's much more to come from Salt Ashes in the future, and we are here for it, hopefully not as obsessively as her past lovers.

Watch the "Love, Love" video below: