Sam Fender Questions Half-Remembered Night Outs in “All Is On My Side”


2019 has been an explosive year for Sam Fender. It was a year catapulted by the British singer-songwriter's 2018 breakout debut EP, Dead Boys, and one largely defined by cataclysmic lyricism and an exhilarating blend of Brit-pop and indie rock. These crucial defining characteristics of one of our generation's great songwriters would crystalize in his debut album, Hypersonic Missiles. Now, after the dust has settled, Fender has returned with his first new single.

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"All Is On My Side" is Fender at his best, pairing melancholic, anthemic songwriting that never forgets the importance of providing a glimmer of hope. A longtime fan and live favorite, "All On My Side" sees Fender exploring the fuzzy twists and turns of a culture that revels in half-remembered nights out. "The dirty haze of drinks with cannibal eyes / In a club you despise / But you go where all your friends are / And question whether any of this still real," opens Fender, painting a picture of dissociation that is likely far too relatable for far too many.

Despite Fender's penchant for bleak stories scored by moving soundscapes, "All Is On My Side" is not an abolition-era tale of abstinence. "Some drink for fun, some drink to never remember / Hope you're not the latter / 'Cause we all know someone that is / And wonder why we do the same things in the same town," questions Fender to our invisible protagonist. The overarching message is one of shared empathy told with brutal, candid honesty; it is trademark heart-rending Fender. The British artist spoke further on the fan-favorite, sharing,

"'All Is On My Side’ is a real live favorite for me. It’s been a mainstay in the set for a couple of years now and it’s nice to release this as a bit of a thank you to all the fans at the end of the year.“

Listen to "All Is On My Side" below: