Tate McRae and Audrey Mika Affirm SAYGRACE’s Hunch That “Boys Ain’t Shit”


Photo: Allison Rhian

Is your man leaving you on read even though being on our phones is the only thing left to do? SAYGRACE, Tate McRae and Audrey Mika are here to remind you that even when the country is on lockdown, "Boys Ain't Shit." Mika and McRae help SAYGRACE to reimagine her 2019 release with a new, upbeat remix accompanied by a music video that features self-filmed footage of the girls quarantined at home.

If you haven't heard the original, the song is an ode to boys who cannot get their act together and the girls who are "not here for it." SAYGRACE masterminded the track as part of her amazingly titled EP, The Defining Moments of SAYGRACE: Girlhood, Fuckboys & Situationships.

Most of her lyrics are meant to be "a message" to her younger self. However, The new "Boys Ain't Shit" is a soulful ensemble of three powerful young women essentially telling the patriarchy to fuck off. SAYGRACE reports to all the dudes sending "wyd" texts at three in the morning, "These boys ain't shit / I'm not here for it / If you want me, act like it."

The music video features each SAYGRACE, McRae, and Mika singing in their bedroom as if they're catching up on the quaran-tea over a conference call, reflecting the new norm of social distancing. It's awesome that these three still found a way to collaborate in spite of their mandated separation. As SAYGRACE put it, "When women come together and support each other the possibilities are infinite." This track is proof that she's right. 

Listen to the "Boys Ain't Shit" remix below: