Scarypoolparty Is More Than an American Idol


Photo: Skyler Barberio

Whether you know him by Scarypoolparty, Alejandro Aranda, or the runner-up to season 17 of American Idol, his name is one you will not soon to forget. This is no mere hyperbole; the Los Angeles - based artist has a gift for creating music that finds a home somewhere deep in your heart and cozying on up. 

We are talking about an artist who made not only Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan but viewers around the world cry on a weekly basis solely with the heart-wrenching power of his guitar, a knack for experimental production, and voice. Scarypoolparty is an artist destined to become a household name, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Alejandro Aranda, who goes by the moniker Scarypoolparty, first rose to fame when an audition on season 17 of American Idol that quickly went viral. Yet, if you had by chance been lucky enough to hang around Pomona, California and catch an open mic night or two, Aranda's voice may have already been readily familiar. When he was not busy working as a dishwasher, Scarypoolparty was playing a series of open mic nights, backyard shows, and anywhere that would have him play.

"Out Loud," which would be both the first and final song he played for American Idol, was fittingly Scarypoolparty's first official release. More than just a perfect introduction or bookend, the haunting single is an illustration of his perfectly indescribable gift for musicality. The 2018 single is built around some of the most impressive finger dexterity we quite possibly have ever seen on guitar and a voice that gives credence to the term angelic. It is a spellbinding moment where Aranda bears his souls and, in turn, pierces yours.

While Aranda may have only three official singles to his name, the future is certainly not lacking in Scarypoolparty news to be excited about. Set to embark on an intimate nationwide tour this summer that sold out instantly and was even shared by Perry herself, Scarypoolparty has gone from washing dishes to a star in the making. 

Just discovering Scarypoolparty and thus your new favorite obsession at this very moment? Well, no need to worry, reruns of American Idol won't be the only place to catch Aranda's heart-piercing musings. Following the near-instantaneous sellout of his nationwide tour, Scarypoolparty has announced an even larger fall North American tour, giving us all a space to stand in awe and cry together.