SEB Is Making Waves With “Seaside_demo”


Photo: Shy Louise

Growing up in Chicago, but inevitably moving around his whole life, SEB has been able to incorporate a vast amount of varying influences into his music. Using the power of the internet, specifically TikTok, SEB's newest track "Seaside_demo" is skyrocketing right before our eyes.

SEB originally teased the track on socials, where it soon garnered millions of views across the board. Clocking up over one million views on YouTube videos alone, the original sound has been used in over 50 thousand videos, with an estimated 31 million plays on the platform where SEB has over 300k followers.

An overnight sensation, SEB's purpose for releasing a demo is simple: stay true to the artist you are. Keep it raw. Keep it real. How artists should be. SEB explains he just wanted his new and old fans to be able to hear the real him, "I literally want people to hear me and all my flaws… for better or for worse, I want to bring them to my special place in hopes they find some comfort there too."

SEB's authenticity brings with it a natural warmth. His music intertwines the likings of Kid Cudi and, well, Harry Styles. Completely self-produced, SEB further proves his ability to be a serious contender in a cut-throat industry. "Seaside_demo" is just one of many brilliant releases by SEB, and it's safe to say that it would likely be a mistake not to jump on to this artist now.

Listen to "Seaside_demo" below: