SG Lewis’ “One More” ft. Nile Rodgers is a Future Disco Banger


Photo By: Harvey Pearson

Death, taxes, and SG Lewis making future disco bangers; three things in this world that are inevitable. The British artist/producer strikes gold yet again with his latest song "One More" featuring the legendary guitarist, Nile Rodgers. The track is the latest installment of music to be featured on his upcoming and recently announced debut album, times (out February 19th).

One of modern pop's secret weapons, SG Lewis may already be your favorite producer having crafted songs with Dua Lipa, LANY, G-Eazy, Victoria Monet, and many others. "One More" gives listeners a taste of what a night out with SG Lewis at the helm would be like. The song is a wall of energy from start to finish. Opening with SG's catchy chorus and Nile Rodgers' patented disco guitar stylings, the duo is quickly joined by drums that pound like a heartbeat and a bass line that is sure to make your feet start moving whether you're aware of it happening or not. To top things off, the groovy foundation is supplemented with euphoric synths, strings, and piano. Despite the energy and intricacy of the song's production, "One More" manages to feel as effortless and cool as its creators.

Like the rest of us, SG Lewis misses the feeling of being together in a sweaty club, dancing your worries away. Regarding the upcoming album, he says:

"'times' is an ode to the present moment. 2020 has shown us that the experiences we took for granted in the past, are never promised tomorrow, and that the opportunity to dance together may not always be there again. After reading about 70's New York and the birth of Disco, I became infatuated with the euphoria and escapism that the music from that period created, and the safe spaces the clubs at the time provided for people to express themselves. I aimed to create a world musically that captured those same feelings, and to imagine the music that would be playing in those rooms if they were to exist today."

Listen to "One More. ft. Nile Rodgers" below: