Shane Garcia’s “Corner Store Runs” Gives Vintage Styles New Context


New York City native Shane Garcia has a talent for finding beauty in mundane tasks. Her latest single "Corner Store Run" is a poetic depiction of her social anxiety and a stunning display of her vocal ability. "Although I've worked through much of this anxiety, my experiences during COVID forced me to revisit these feelings in a very different way" says Garcia. The songwriting gives a unique perspective on dealing with the pitfalls of the pandemic that most can easily relate to. 

Beyond just the songwriting, Shane Garcia has one of the most captivating new voices. Her smoky cadence and charismatic tone are similar to old school R&B legends, but Garcia is able to revisit these styles in a modern context.

Equally as engaging as the track itself is the accompanying lyric visualizer. Similar to Shane Garcia's style, the visual for "Corner Store Runs" merges a vintage style with modern day aesthetics. The VHS style and bright red font give it a nostalgic tone, while it's set in present day NYC. 

"Corner Store Runs" is an amazing introduction to those unfamiliar with the rising star. Shane Garcia is just beginning, but she has a bright future ahead.

Watch "Corner Store Runs" by Shane Garcia below: