Shayhan’s “Godspeed” Is a Celebration of Love’s Existentialism and Euphoria


Today marks the final week of spring, and though it is tempting to pour one out and reflect on the year thus far, personally, I feel as if summer can't come soon enough. I've been spending a lot of time going through pitches crafting the perfect early-summer rotation, and one song I keep coming back to is Shayhan's "Godspeed." 

"Godspeed" is a bright and shining celebration of love, existentialism, and everything in-between. Shayhan's newest offering delves once more into his signature blend of funk, R&B, and soul. His psychedelic sound takes inspiration from genres like classic rock and jazz fusion from the '60s and '70s, and his music balances this sentimentalism with an optimistic and forward-looking attitude. "Godspeed" is bursting at the seams with smooth and jazzy chord progressions, providing listeners with laid-back vibes as funk and R&B collide into one harmonious union.

With a voice that sounds like D'Angelo and Earthgang had a baby, Shayhan's performance on "Godspeed" is nothing short of stunning. Steady bass lines serve as the foundation for Shayhan's eclectic hip-hop drums and off-kilter vocal register to flourish, with "Godspeed" being both cleverly written and carefully composed. I have to admit, I have a serious soft spot for jazz horns, and with the breakdowns on his newest track, Shayhan's left me beaming.

It's no surprise that Shayhan's writing reflects the bewilderment of love at first sight, but it may be surprising to learn that during the creation of this song our hero was plagued with the breakup blues. The Riley Lattanza-directed video for "Godspeed" reflects this quite well, with its surreal and trippy monochrome visuals transforming into saturated technicolor once our romantic interest is added into the mix. Viridian landscapes and pastoral pictures are juxtaposed against scenes of Shayhan and his potential lover enjoying themselves in the natural setting. Like the track itself, it projects a nostalgic-yet-futuristic feel for the viewer, with Shayhan's hypnotic artistry being woven into every piece of the puzzle.

Listen to "Godspeed" below: