Sigrid Pushes Through Dark Times with “Don't Feel Like Crying”


Our favorite Norwegian popster Sigrid is back with "Don't Feel Like Crying," a taste of her anxiously awaited forthcoming album Sucker Punch. 2018 was a big year for Sigrid, complete with a VMA nomination, BBC Sound of 2018 win and shows at Panorama and Coachella. Not to mention, her Spotify following tripled with almost 500 million total global streams. Sigrid's music is delightfully offbeat, a quality she flaunts with her newest single.

"Don't Feel Like Crying" is an anthem for leaving the negativity in the past. The song starts with punchy orchestral chords, which are quickly joined by Sigrid’s rapidfire phrasing. She sings,

"Is that you / Looks like you’ve changed your ways again / Is that you / It’s funny how I can’t remember."

The track is bursting with energy, creating a beautifully balanced sound when topped with Sigrid's laid-back vocal delivery. The song peaks with every chorus, featuring a swelling riff that begs for company. She speaks to her take on pop music, saying,

"There's a romantic melancholy in the landscape. And there's a certain grace to heartache, a sort of…epic grace! I love dramatic pop songs."


Stay tuned for Sigrid's full album Sucker Punch on March 8, and check her live at one of her upcoming shows.