Silver Sphere Takes a Vintage Lens to Overcoming Heartbreak in “sucks 4 u” Video [PREMIERE]


Photo: Malcolm Ryshavy & Zoe Miller

Silver Sphere is a being of pop magic. From first premiering the rising Chicago artist's debut single "drinking games," which we praised for its ineffable charm in addressing themes of young love and the importance of self-care, to demonstrating her range with the LCD Soundsystem - flavored "boys in bands," she has never been one to disappoint. Her latest single "sucks 4 u" is no exception.

"sucks 4 u," which arrives with a wholly mesmerizing music video shot entirely on VHS tape to match its dreamlike sonics, is the first taste of Silver Sphere's forthcoming debut EP YIKES!, set for release July 11. An ode to conquering those post-breakup blues and anxieties, "sucks 4 us" is a moment of restrained pop clarity. "sucks 4 u babe/ I thought that it would kill me but I'm okay/ And ever since you left me/ I've been busy with a new babe staying out late," Silver Sphere proclaims through an array of airy vocals.

The moment of realization that everything is indeed going to be more than okay serves as a triumphant middle finger to the one she is certainly happy got away. Silver Sphere spoke on her effervescent moment of post-breakup catharsis, sharing, 

"'sucks 4 u' is about the feeling of finally overcoming a difficult breakup and realizing that you're gonna be okay. Writing this song helped me look past those negative things looming from my last relationship and focus on the positives in my life at the time, and I hope it does the same for everyone listening."

With its ethereal portrayal of finding joy and love again in the face of what at the moment feel like eternal heartbreak, "sucks 4 u" hints at the promise of Silver Sphere as a veritable pop star. And if one thing is certain, we love discovering a new pop princess. 

Watch the video for "sucks 4 u" below: