Sky Mccreery's ‘things we don't talk about’ Is a Record About Self Realization

Sky McCreery continues to leave us in awe with his ability to write and record songs far beyond his years. At just eighteen years old, McCreery debuted his brand new EP to the world. The five song EP symbolizes the step toward personal growth and accepting your sensitive side. Removing the tape that's strapped over your mouth, holding back the will to open up about your feelings and insecurities. McCreery breaks down the barrier of the awful stigma that's instilled in young men to mask their feelings and put on a brave face. McCreery opens up to the world about who he is, his compassion toward others, love struggles and more on things we don't talk about.

Teaming up with the ever so reputable producer Peter Fenn, the duo created a catalog of emotionally filled songs that let you into the vulnerable world of Sky McCreery. He explains how Fenn was able to dig deep into his emotions and expose the despair that's been eating away at him. This was McCreery's first time really being able to confidently channel his heartfelt trauma and captivate it through song. McCreery describes his experience writing with Fenn,

"I've worked with other writers my age, and a lot of the times I can't reach that emotional connection, or at least get on that level with anyone, and I honestly wasn't expecting that to happen with Peter. So, I didn't think I'd find that with anyone because I get so personal with myself. I was so surprised when I actually just totally connected with him, and we meshed so well together."

Every song on this EP has a special connection to McCreery that he hopes can resonate with each and every listener on a personal level. He explains that "I Remember" is probably the closest song to his heart. He feels as if the song itself is orchestrated in a manner that he's never been able to do before. It's a fusion of genres that he believes resemble his ability to create a sound of his own. It's a track that has opened a gateway to new beginnings and a greater change in his career.

Sky McCreery and his new EP things we don't talk about is an emblem of personal growth, self-realization and self-love. Erasing the stigma for young men everywhere to stop masking their feelings, and open up to the more vulnerable side of them. The intimate songs throughout the EP connect to a new feeling you may never have felt before, but that's okay. McCreery hopes at the end of the day that every listener is able to take away their own personal connection to the songs and be able to resonate with them in their own way. We've said it before, and will say it again, McCreery continues to prove his wisdom well beyond his years, and we're excited to see where that wisdom takes him.