Shygirl and slowthai Deliver a Hyperpop-Fueled Sex-Positive Anthem on “BDE”


Can you ever really have too much of a good thing? Honestly, it seems pretty unlikely. 

Though many of us are still recovering from Shygirl's incredible 2020 EP ALIAS, this week she makes a triumphant return in 2021 with her newest single "BDE" with fellow UK artist slowthai. It's been a while since the term BDE first entered our lexicon but on this new track, Shygirl and slowthai breathe life anew into the fated phrase. Released alongside a 15-minute Shygirl-directed music video entitled “Shygirl BLU,” "BDE" is a track you'll need to hear to believe. 

"BDE," in true Shygirl fashion, is a mechanically complex machine of a track packed to the gills with lustful lyrics and top-notch rapping from one of the UK's most promising new artists. Underneath multiple layers of vocal effects and low-ends so powerful my computer vibrates as I type this, Shygirl holds nothing back as she provides listeners with yet another infectious, abrasive banger. 

slowthai's involvement on "BDE" deserves its flowers as well, coming off the release of his sophomore album, TYRON, earlier this year. Both of them revel in the literal BDE of "BDE," as they effortlessly trade verses, with slowthai delivering lines like "You love it when I'm gripping your hair, put my foot on your neck, put your hips in the air." 

Though this may be more club-ready than prepped for your daily drive to work, you can still catch me stuck in traffic throwing my back out to Shygirl any day of the week.

Listen to "BDE" below: