somegirlnamedanna Pens Her First Chapter in “hello i am”


Introductions are a tricky science. You can fumble your words, leave out all-too-important details, or find yourself rambling with no end in sight. The idea of a perfect introduction becomes even more complicated in the realm of music, where first impressions can be everything.

So, when choosing how to make herself known to the world, somegirlnamedanna opted for an approach of straightforward honesty. The result? An introduction we will not be forgetting any time soon.

"hello i am" opens the book on rising artist somegirlnamedanna. Backed only by her own layered, modulated voice and ethereal coos, the Minnesota-bred artist opens up. "You wanna know who I am / I'm just some girl / With blood on my hands / From trying to love the world," confesses anna in a sentiment that resounds like it could belong to any of us. And therein lies the simple beauty of somegirlnamedanna's unorthodox first foray into the world of music.

somegirlnamedanna does not arrive as a meticulously-crafted alter ego or clever marketing gimmick. Every sung word, which contains hints of genuine soulful pop promise, aims to show off another side of this artist, this person we will get to know in the years to come. somegirlnamedanna spoke further on her debut single, sharing,

"This is my story, how I grew up, my life, and everything up to this point. I wanted to say this before anything else. hello, i am anna and I can’t wait to meet you."

"hello i am" marks the first chapter of somegirlnamedanna's story, and if it is any indication, it will certainly not be the last.

Listen to "hello i am" below: