Soulful Jazz & Hip Hop Supergroup, The Chess Club, Returns With “Not A Fan” [PREMIERE]


After a two-year hiatus to work on their personal projects, The Chess Club is back with the release of "Not A Fan." The single is a lighthearted alternative hip hop song masterfully written and produced by Abhi The Nomad, Simon Jefferis and Natty Reeves, the DeepMatter singer-songwriters and producers who form The Chess Club.

Although The Chess Club is a fun side project for the three artists, their energies effortlessly bounce off of each other to produce playful lyrics and addictive beats. While the three have never simultaneously been together in the same room, their collaborations are chill hip-hop tracks intertwined with their soul and jazz influences.

Abhi The Nomad described the meaning behind "Not A Fan,"

“'Not A Fan' is The Chess Club's way of shitting on life and being negative in the classiest way possible. Simon Jefferis and Natty Reeves sauce in some luscious production while I eat the track with my bare hands, spitting out slick rhymes and raw melodies. The supergroup *literally no one* asked for is here: to respect women, fill water cups with sprite, and save the day.”

The Chess Club's first and only other release was "Foxtrot," an upbeat track that captured the flowing and classic essences of the foxtrot dance but cleverly transformed it into a modern rap song. Simon Jefferis explains the creation of The Chess Club and their music,

"The Chess Club came about when Abhi couldn’t get into England to play his show because his visa arrived late. So Nat and I created the beat for ‘Foxtrot’ and sent it to him to cheer him up. 10 minutes later he had created a whole song out of it, which was mad. We thought we’d do it again so we made 'Not a Fan.'"