Sports Team’s ‘Making Hay’ Is a Celebration of Their Indie Rock Upbringing

Photo: Lauren Maccabee

Just a week after their instruments and gear were stolen from their tour van in London, Sports Team refused to let this major setback stop them from releasing their thrilling new EP, Making Hay. With this display of commitment, the determined fellas have proven once again that they deserve to be on your indie rock radar. With all that being said, it is no surprise that Sports Team has managed to stun us through and throughout Making Hay.

Throwing us straight into their crazy antics with the jolly "Fishing," Sports Team makes a considerable effort to engage their listeners like no other theatrical act. With Alex Rice's signature vocals, "Here It Comes Again" and "Get Along" are stellar representations of the six-piece's Cambridge University roots. After the electric "Margate," Making Hay leaves us with "M5," a melodic-leaning tune layered with generous tambourines and cheery acoustic guitars.

Frontman Alex Rice spoke on Making Hay, sharing, 

"The songs are written to be a spectacle live. That's where you've got to hear them, front row, with most of the parts played wrong. No one's doing it better."

Listen to Making Hay below and make sure not to miss Sports Team as they gear up for their first-ever US headlining tour: