Sydney's St. Humain Finally Returns With His “Sick Sad Love Song”

Following his 2019 EP titled Emotional Sauna, multitalented Sydney-based singer, songwriter and producer St. Humain returns with his long-awaited and zestful new single "Sick Sad Love Song." The Singapore-born artist has spent the last two years exclusively penning and producing the track, with mixing and mastering by Simon Cohen (Justin Bieber, Masked Wolf) and Dale Becker (Lauv, Lil Nas X, Doja Cat, Snoh Aalegra) respectively.

"Sick Sad Love Song" is the first single from St. Humain's upcoming sophomore EP, Metadramatic and centers around going to prom, though not for the timeless tradition of dating and dancing all night long. The artist flips the narrative, focusing on wanting to ride shotgun in his prom car and play in the band, rather than attending with a date. 

Linked loosely to personal experiences and laced with relatable emotion, the singer-songwriter confesses, "It's a mix of real and made-up scenarios that paint the emotions of being someplace but not actually being included; being on the peripherals." Hoping to inspire people "to feel," he expresses that "when we allow ourselves to actually feel the bad emotions too, then we can actually take it in, process it, and learn how to live on and move on, and be better humans in the process."

The upbeat sonics of "Sick Sad Love Song" is reminiscent of that last song at prom, signaling an inevitable culmination you just don't want to end. The progressive beat and uplifting synths burst into a dance-worthy chorus displaying St. Humain's vivacious vocals, representing his classic pop and electronic feel, trickled with the smooth sentiments of R&B songwriting.

Venturing into fashion and design, and inspired by the creativity of Off-White's Virgil Abloh and Kanye West, the single and future projects will be paired with a limited edition merch drop, hoping to reflect, capture, and elevate the realm of each release.

Listen to "Sick Sad Love Song" below: