St. Panther Mourns With A Tinge of Savory-Sweet Hope on “These Days”


During the darkest moments in life, hours seamlessly blend into days, days into weeks, and inevitably, weeks to months. When the weight of the world feels unbearable, a reminder to keep your head above water and just keep swimming is exactly what the doctor prescribed. A healthy dose of perseverance with a tinge of savory-sweet hope is exactly what artist, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and rapper, St. Panther intends to share in her latest single "These Days."  

A jazz-infused, down-tempo ballad inspired by the sudden passing of a friend, she muses on moving forward in life from loss in a raspy, mesmerizing tone strikingly unique to her.  Accompanied by a band of live instruments including horns, organ, and strings, St. Panther ushers in a ceremonial procession of strength, encouraging us to find the will to keep "moving on."  

The track was written entirely by St. Panther and co-produced with Nate Mercereau (Lizzo, Leon Brdges, Shawn Mendes). Together, the pair premiered the track on Grammy-winning producer, Ricky Reed’s "Nice Live" series on YouTube. The song is accompanied by a visual intended to depict her mourning process. In her own words, St Panther describes the song,  

"'These Days’ was written in memory of a friend lost suddenly to overdose on the night of his birthday September 24th, 2019. This song is my real-time experience with re-establishing a new relationship to life in the days following through the simple act of making it to the next day. Gathering more appreciation for life as the days kept moving, the video is an ode to the week following the news as I found my way through it at home. I hope it serves as a reminder to those listening that each day is precious, and that there are still so many chapters ahead that are worth living for." 

"These Days" is released collaboratively by Ricky Reed’s Nice Life Recording Company and Mercerau's How So Records. Proceeded by single "Infrastructure," which was featured on Season 4 of HBO's Insecure, the Irvine-native continues to turn heads across the creative industries and media outlets including standout collaborations with Adidas Sound Labs, Pharrell's Apple Music Beats 1 Radio Show OTHERtone and a special listening session of her music with Pusha T at ComplexCon. 

Check out the video for "These Days" below!