Still Woozy Daydreams of Electric Romance in New Video for “Rocky”


Last Friday, Bay Area singer-songwriter Still Woozy released his first off-kilter single of 2021,"Rocky", alongside its equally surreal video. Since dropping his debut solo EP Lately in 2019, Still Woozy has had his tour postponed due to the pandemic, but this hasn't stopped him from treating fans to a handful of new singles, covers, and videos. "Rocky" sees the bedroom pop-star hitting the ground running with an electrifying new track accompanied by an eclectic and surreal video.

On "Rocky," Still Woozy flexes an impressive repertoire of unique and subversive talents that manifest as his signature hazy and hypnotic style. Still Woozy sings of romance, dreams, and the euphoria of sleep over an indie-pop mix that incorporates elements of electronic and funk music to create something entirely new. Known for his genre-flipping tunes and quirky personality, the video for "Rocky" showcases the artist melancholically singing while juxtaposed against surreal and psychedelic imagery. Both "Rocky" and its video convey Still Woozy's spaced-out style well with effortlessly masterful vocal performances and a lo-fi musical register.

Though it may be a while until Still Woozy finally treats his fans with a debut album, his creative endeavors are sure to keep fans satisfied until then. From his newest single "Rocky", to his covers of artists like MGMT and Tame Impala, we can be certain that Still Woozy will keep himself busy.