Super Duper Unleashes Explosive “Canons” [PREMIERE]


Although Nashville isn't exactly known for electronic music, Super Duper is ready to change that notion with his eclectic production–one stimulating release at a time. Josh Hawkins (aka Super Duper) studied audio production and composed music for television and film in college, but he soon found himself craving another creative outlet for electronic experimentation, which led to the rousing creation of his musical alias, Super Duper.

Super Duper's astounding new single, "Canons" features fellow musician JMR, who's relatively new to the music scene as he currently only has one album to his name. The soaring instrumentation of this ebullient track will surely leave you feeling revived and untouchable. Flushed with captivating electronics and effervescent vocals, "Canons" is an expression of gratitude as Super Duper and JMR team up to appreciate unconditional love at its very core.

On the songwriting process for "Canons," JMR reflected:

"When I was writing the song, I was thinking about how the majority of the problems I have in a relationship stem from wounds inflicted in the past. The more self-aware I become, the more grateful I am for those who love me through my healing and help me break down the barriers I've set around myself."

Super Duper exclusively shared with Ones To Watch:

"The beginning of this song was originally completely different. After JMR wrote his amazing topline to the track, I decided to completely rewrite the music. His voice and lyrics didn't need anything else to keep things interesting so I tried to just let them breathe and support him in the background. But once the chorus/drop comes in, I wanted to switch gears and create something less expected and give the song a lift in energy. I like making ballads have big bursts of energy and I think this song really works well to keep your interest and stay emotional throughout, which is always my goal."

Super Duper will be unveiling his upcoming EP in March, but Ones To Watch has your first listen of "Canons" below: