Surrender to Troi Irons’ Alternative Rock Revolution in ‘Lost Angels’


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Most of us have a distinct hometown but not Troi Irons. The alternative rocker often relocated as a child, but she learned how to play countless instruments along the way. Iron's authenticity and gusto are exactly what will you find in her new album, Lost Angels.

The impressive 11-track record opens with the eerie "Give Rain," which immediately introduces us to Irons' irresistibly breathy vocals. "Money" fully revolves around the evident fact that wealthy people tend to be better off and the poor are deprived of opportunity. Paying homage to the alienation Irons felt as a child, "Strangers" delivers us a taste of alternative rock at its finest.

Whether proven by "Lost Angels" or "Velvetine," it is undeniable that Irons has the sonic familiarity of an earlier decade. On the other hand, she also crafts stellar projects of the modern age, like "Damaged" and "Me Myself & I Part II (heartbreak kid)." This icon in the making just cannot be stopped, can she?

With "Dreams" and "I Fell In Love," Irons offers up her more curious side, as she discusses the validity of dreams and her passion for live music. "Hold On To Your Heart" is sure to throw you in a contradicting state of utter happiness and complete dejection as we experience Irons' dynamic vocals layered over intricate instrumentation. And finally, Irons leaves us with the acoustic-driven "Home," which is the perfect stripped-back ending to Lost Angels.

Listen to Lost Angels below: