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  • Who'da Thought? M.I.A. & Donatella Versace Collaborate

    October 15, 2013   [Photo: Versus Versace] In a slightly unexpected twist on music and fashion's crossover threshold, Donatella Versace and M.I.A. are now business partners. Their new counterfeit-inspired collection, M.I.A. x Versus Versace, will go on sale tomorrow. The 19-piece collection features prints inspired by the countless Versace knockoff pieces being created and sold throughout the world. Bonus: if you were looking to spice up your fall wardrobe on a not-so-baller budget, the pieces are debuting via Versus, the brand's slightly more economic line. "Versace’s designs have always been copied, now it’s Versace that copies the copies, so those that copy must copy the copies," M.I.A. was reported saying at last month's Paris Fashion Week, when news of the collaboration first broke.   "The collection represents all that I love of the new Versus Versace: it's fast, it's noisy, it's brazen and it blends the world of music with that of fashion," said Donatella Versace of the line. The unexpected partnership between the Grammy Award-winning artist and the Italian fashion house herself isn't as foreign as you'd think. Before her recording career took off, M.I.A. was a visual artist and filmmaker in the creative bubble of London's West End. The singer's fourth studio album, Matangi, is out next month. Check out a track below. You can shop M.I.A. x Versus Versace tomorrow here.