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  • Lauren Mayberry Reviews Karen O's 'Crush Songs'

    September 9, 2014   Lauren Mayberry, aka frontwoman of Chvrches, shed some light on Karen O’s debut solo album in a review for The Talkhouse today. As a songwriter and frontwoman of a touring band herself, Mayberry knows a thing or two about songwriting and performing in front of huge crowds and wastes no time in celebrating O’s smart and subtly evocative storytelling capability. On the album subject, Mayberry wrote: Crushes start out as that teenage phenomenon, life-affirming and cute, but as you wander into adulthood, they seem to end up more painful, harrowing and uncertain, especially if you have just come out of the relationship you thought would finally, maybe, maybe be the one that stuck. We all like to believe we are completely self-sufficient but at the end of it all, we're all searching for a human connection, something to make it all feel a bit more worthwhile. Albums like Crush Songs, that manage to evoke these sentiments in a way that isn't sickly, cringe-worthy or trite, are always my favourite kind Read the rest of the review here. 

  • Hear Karen O's New Song "Day Go By"

    September 5, 2014   Yeah Yeah Yeahs' frontwoman Karen O is releasing a solo album next week, titled Crush Songs.