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  • Erik Hassle Shares "Natural Born Lovers"

    September 17, 2015   Ones To Watch singer-producer Erik Hassle, who is touring with Tove Lo this fall, has unleashed a new track from the depths of his pop hit-making lair.

  • Best Songs of the Week #12

    April 17, 2015   One of our favorite new hip-hop artists Cakes Da Killa serves up a shattering new single that has our eyes locked on what's coming next.

  • Watch Erik Hassle In 'No Words'

    April 16, 2015   Yet another reason why Hassle should rank among pop's elite, starting today.

  • 11 Artists You Need To Watch in 2015

    January 14, 2015   Enter the full gallery here.

  • Spotlight on: Erik Hassle

    June 27, 2014   As luck would have it, 2014 has been the year for Erik Hassle to move alongside some of music’s most fascinating up-and-comers. Prior to joining breakout Danish artist Mø on a sold-out North American tour, the Swedish born singer-songwriter released his EP Somebody’s Party in February of this year, which included guest appearances by 2014 XXL freshman class’s Vic Mensa as well as rising R&B starlet Tinashe. For Hassle, whose past writing credits include the Shakira and Rihanna collaboration “Cant Remember To Forget You,” his EP marked a re-introduction to the world and a readiness to make it out on his own. Already surrounded by great company, Hassle is only getting started.  On Somebody’s Party, the track “Talk About It,” featuring Mensa, is an eerily recanting R&B ballad filled with dramatic vocals billowing forth from a sparse electronic arrangement. The song, detailing a problematic relationship sustained by one partner’s secretive suffering, is telling of Hassle’s talent for fusing narrative with a penchant for what constitutes the right amount of production, the basic formula to giving any song its real wings. From Somebody’s Party, one derives Hassle’s style is fashionably lean and smooth, geared towards and equally attuned to both R&B and pop. With his producing intuition and the fact that his vocal versatility alone could hold an audience, it’s almost as if he’s Timbaland and Justin Timberlake in one observing, hip package.  We recently caught up with Hassle in Los Angeles after he wrapped his tour with Mø. Watch our interview above, where we discuss songwriting and Somebody’s Party, and stay tuned for more updates on his album. 

  • ICYMI: Stream Erik Hassle's EP

    June 9, 2014   In need of a refresher? You gotta check out Swedish artist Erik Hassle's latest EP, Somebody's Party.

  • Remix of the Day: 'Talk About It' - BASECAMP

    December 10, 2013   We couldn't have nominated a better candidate to remix Erik Hassle's already-smoldering track.