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  • Will The Next Banksy Please Stand Up?

    January 23, 2014   Any former or current street art prodigies out there? Here’s a shot to have your art display on the streets of L.A. Ones To Watch rock band twenty one pilots made an excellent song and video with “House Of Gold.” If you haven’t seen or heard it yet and are a fan of zombies (really, who isn’t these days?) check it out below.  L.A. radio station ALT 98.7 is hosting a contest to design a billboard based on your interpretation of the song. The winning piece will live on the side of ALT 98.7’s headquarters in Los Angeles (aka art and entertainment capital of the West Coast) — aka worldwide exposure. 21P fans and street art fans alike - channel that the creator within and give it a go. Click here for more contest details and good luck!